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Spiny-finned fish, acanthopterygian


  • a teleost fish with fins that are supported by sharp inflexible rays


  • spiny-finned fish
  • acanthopterygian


  • teleost fish, teleost, teleostan: a bony fish of the subclass Teleostei

Member holonyms

  • Acanthopterygii, superorder Acanthopterygii: teleost fishes having fins with sharp bony rays


  • squirrelfish: very small, brightly colored (especially red) nocturnal fishes of shallow waters or tropical reefs; they make sounds like a squirrel's bark
  • anomalops, flashlight fish: fish having a luminous organ beneath eye; of warm waters of the western Pacific and Puerto Rico
  • flashlight fish, Photoblepharon palpebratus: fish of deep dark waters having a light organ below each eye
  • dory: marine fishes widely distributed in mid-waters and deep slope waters
  • boarfish, Capros aper: fish with a projecting snout
  • boarfish: fish with large eyes and long snouts
  • stickleback, prickleback: small (2-4 inches) pugnacious mostly scaleless spiny-backed fishes of northern fresh and littoral waters having elaborate courtship; subjects of much research
  • batfish: bottom-dweller of warm western Atlantic coastal waters having a flattened scaleless body that crawls about on fleshy pectoral and pelvic fins
  • goosefish, angler, anglerfish, angler fish, monkfish, lotte, allmouth, Lophius Americanus: fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey
  • toadfish, Opsanus tau: bottom-dwelling fish having scaleless slimy skin and a broad thick head with a wide mouth
  • frogfish: fish having a frog-like mouth with a lure on the snout
  • sargassum fish: small fantastically formed and colored fishes found among masses of sargassum
  • percoid fish, percoid, percoidean: any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
  • remora, suckerfish, sucking fish: marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objects
  • silversides, silverside: small fishes having a silver stripe along each side; abundant along the Atlantic coast of the United States
  • barracuda: any voracious marine fish of the genus Sphyraena having an elongated cylindrical body and large mouth with projecting lower jaw and long strong teeth
  • sand lance, sand launce, sand eel, launce: very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches
  • dragonet: small often brightly colored scaleless marine bottom-dwellers; found in tropical and warm temperate waters of Europe and America
  • scorpaenoid, scorpaenoid fish: fishes having the head armored with bony plates
  • plectognath, plectognath fish: tropical marine fishes having the teeth fused into a beak and thick skin covered with bony plates or spines
  • flatfish: any of several families of fishes having flattened bodies that swim along the sea floor on one side of the body with both eyes on the upper side

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